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Learn on your own time, in your own space from world class Instructors – and still earn your CPD Points. Our self paced courses are available on any platform, mobile or desktop, anytime, anywhere!

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Courses are available on any platform, mobile & desktop. Available anytime, anywhere!

earn cpd points

Earn your CPD Points on successful completion of the course. Earn a professional certificate.

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Delegates will have lifetime access to the course. Complete the course when you have time.

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Payments made secure by SSL Protocol. Courses are available directly after payment.

What is self paced training

Self-paced learning means you can learn in your own time and schedule. Course materials do not become available according to a schedule, but are completely available as soon as the course begins (purchased). Assignments and exams do not have start or due dates, this can be completed on your own time and space. The course shows indicators for graded assignments, but not due dates.

The main advantages of self-paced learning: Self-paced learning comes with several advantages that can enhance the performance of the employees. Here are some main benefits:

  • No pressure, more retention: Self-paced learning removes the time pressure that exists during live training. There’s no pressure to complete the assignments and learn at the same speed as others. No one needs to pretend that they understood something that they didn’t. Instead, they can review the material on their own. A study published in the Journal of Memory and Language indicated that self-paced learning might also increase retention.

  • Setting your own schedule: Self-paced learning enables employees to create their schedules. It is especially helpful for participants that have other tasks and can’t attend a live class or training. Even if there is a deadline to complete a course, for example, they can choose how and when they take it.

  • Possibly less distraction: When employees create their learning schedules, they can study when they can focus best. They can pick when they have fewer interruptions from colleagues or other tasks. Of course, it takes self-discipline to accomplish that. They will need to tune out distractions at home and ignore their phones.

  • Suitable for different learning styles: People have different learning styles. Some people learn fast, while others take their time. People who prefer to complete the material quickly should not have to wait for others. Self-paced learning makes it possible for your participants to adapt to their different learning styles.

  • On completion of the course: On completion of the course students will earn a professionals certificate as well as CPD Points from ECSA (2). PMI certificate holders can also claim 14 PMI PDU’s from this course.

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